Kevin Samuels is a dating/image consultant who recently gained popularity from a viral clip called “You’re Average at Best”

Kevin Samuels wants to help. Yes, at first glance you might not like him — especially if you’re one of women that call during his nightly online broadcasts on YouTube and Instagram. He’s trying to help women be happy and based on his background (divorced twice but willing to marry again), he has a few good points.

How you speak matters, but read the environment.

Most people that don’t like Kevin are the ones that agree with what he says, but hate the way he says it. Kevin’s broadcasts…

A Bubblegum Analogy

Photo by Taylor Rooney on Unsplash

You have a million pieces of bubblegum — how many pieces can you eat each day to get to zero? Would you even try? That’s a lot of gum. Even if it was my favorite piece of gum, I’d try to bargain some of it for other things because I have so much. Now, what if I told you these were the last million pieces of bubblegum? Would that matter? It’s not like it’s gold, so personally, I wouldn’t care much.

Let’s fast forward to when you have a hundred thousand pieces of bubblegum left — do you care now…

Hello everyone! Thank you for coming to my page to read my first novel ‘Pink Blossom’, it truly means a lot to me. I hope you join me on this very personal journey and can’t wait to hear what you think about my book. Enjoy!

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The orange yellow hue of the sky had started to dissipate as the ocean of pink overwhelmed it, the sun peeking down beyond the horizon. Master had been waiting in the cafe for one hour, on his third cup of coffee and growing restless. He was agitated, his stomach felt like a balloon of anxiety…

Hello everyone! Thank you for coming to my page to read the first chapter of my first novel ‘Pink Blossom’, it truly means a lot to me. I hope you join me on this very personal journey and can’t wait to hear what you think about my book. Enjoy!

Photo by Thugbong on Unsplash

Master walked down the stained dark jetway which was lined with thick dust and exhausted from daily use. He was tired and drowsy in half sleep. As he stumbled away from the plane’s half circular opening, his eyes stung red from the lack of sleep he endured during the night. He…

A poem inspired by The Good Earth by Pearl S. Buck and Nas’ new album titled King’s Disease

Photo by Sean Stratton on Unsplash

I told you

It’s not you it’s me

It’s not me it’s true

I’ll take the blame

But who do you choose

When you stand in the winning shoes

Do you

Be like every other

And do the right thing

Or do you

Go to the right path

That’s true to you

That’s fair

Is being rich fair?

I worked for it

Do I have to share?

To those who weren’t as clever

And those you don’t deserve it

I deserve it

I burned life to learn it

Every night

Turned light into opulence

To have it taken away

Common sense

I broke the seeds of doubt

By being me

And caring for myself

Me for once

Me for life

Me because I need me to be here

To go on and bring little me into the world

Little seeds to scatter about

To continue the cycle of doubt

A poem on you

I am disappointed. You met me at a time when I was at my most innocent, I guess you were too. I was green and you were blue. You were seen and I was new, to this world you called home. It was therapy for you and it become that for me too. This world lured me in and taught me valuable lessons, about people and their intentions. You made money, lots of it and you tried to protect your ego, you still do. We all do. I bet murderers think their actions are justified, to some degree. It’s our…

I bet when you read the title, you figured you’d read some sappy article on being successful, something like “10 successful habits of billionaires” or “How to become successful in 5 easy steps” — well, you thought wrong. You want to know about success? Define it first. What is success to you? If you’re the type that follows the herd, then success is what other people define it to be, no matter if that success is relevant to your success. To be completely honest, chances are if you’re reading this you are most likely not successful, which is okay…you have…

Short stories from my childhood that tell you why punishment works — based on a true story

The following piece is from the Stories for Self-Improvement series where I develop short stories to inspire you. This particular piece focuses on accountability and the role punishment takes in it.

Photo by Johannes Plenio on Unsplash

“Why was it when I had atoned for my sins that I felt better? And freer? As if the weight of the world had lifted off my shoulders?”

Punishment is funny and tricky, but oftentimes people are opposed to using it as a form of treatment, even if it brings order to the chaos. Since change is constant, the same should apply to modern punishment and laws. But for…

A childhood story on finding unconditional love during an unconventional moment

Venice Italy City

I sat underneath the bed; in the small gap between my bed and the floor, and cried uncontrollably — tears ran down my rosy cheeks in competition. “I hate you, you’re a failure!” I yelled at him. He became enraged; stomping around my hiding spot, unable to reach me. Occasionally, a hand would appear and try to grab me, but I easily dodged these futile attempts. You see, I was a tiny 4 year old with the flexibility of a spring. This was my domain, he had stepped into my arena.

The truth is no matter how much he tried…

Sean Key

NYC. Advertising Junkie. Aspiring Writer. I plant (short) stories in your mind, give me a follow to water them.

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